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Professional Pilot

Take command of your career as a professional pilot and navigate the horizons of the skies

Aviation Engineer

Unleash your innovation as an aviation engineer, designing the future of flight with cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking solutions

Air Traffic Controller

Guide the skies with expertise as an air traffic controller, ensuring seamless and secure air travel.

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You Are The Creator Of Your Own Career And We Will Guide You Through!

For those who demand excellence and refuse mediocrity, AVANA programs beckon. Elevate your technical prowess, stay aligned with your aspirations, and become an unwavering Solid Pro


AVANA develops relationships that make a positive difference. We uphold high standards of integrity in all our actions and value our people, encourage their development and reward their services. We believe in delivering solutions and services


Develop relationships that make a positive difference.


Uphold high standards of integrity in all our actions.


Value our people, encourage their development and reward their services.


Deliver solutions and services.

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What Our Students Say About AVANA

Ahmed R


Just Now

AVANA offers a chance to become a real-pilot. I feel accomplished and uplifted my personality and skills. Their ground classes are fun with better understanding.



Just Now

Enroll here at the Avana for better training and growth. It's not just a normal training center but it is a Institution with an Excellence

Karthik. G


Just Now

Avana has the best training experience and allowed me to reach the goal. The pilot programs are intense with perfect curriculum and practical training which helps along with the progress

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