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Why Fly With Avana

Who We Are?

AVANA, an Pilot Training Advisory establishment powering and promoting Aviation Education to All. It is a pioneering organization enabling career-oriented education. AVANA is a bridge between Emerging Pilots and Industry fulfilling the gap by offering highly skilled and effective flight training programs and intelligently nurturing the pilots. Our strength lies in developing the Aviators through our innovative tech-led student-oriented training which is strongly backed-up by industry linkages



Aviator’s Education for Everyone

Transforms impressive training experience with approved curriculum and best practical training
  • Job-Oriented Training

    To provide high quality, value based job-oriented training to emerging pilots and making them professionals

  • Facilitate emerging Pilots

    To facilitate emerging Pilots in understanding, developing, integrating and apply both core and specialized concepts and practices

  • Global Learning Atmosphere

    To provide emerging Pilots with a stimulating and learning atmosphere so that they can utilize their intellectual capacities to specialize in their training, compliant with global standards

  • Encourage emerging Pilots to Develop

    To encourage emerging Pilots to develop their learning stamina and produce their efficiency while flying

What We Do

AVANA helps the emerging Pilots to upskill or reskill their talent and educate them with flying knowledge.

Best in Industry

Engages with world-class recognized flying schools around the Globe and delivers best in industry flying programs.

Unique Experiential Training

Emphasizes on unique experiential training methods as per the flight training regulations which is facilitated by industry aligned trainers.

Elite Education

Experience Elite Education learning experience together best experiential training with dedicated mentorship and intensive career support



The team AVANA recognizes the change, the need of growth, who can promote innovative developments. We make use of training analytics to deliver high results to the emerging pilots


AVANA develops relationships that make a positive difference. We uphold high standards of integrity in all our actions and value our people, encourage their development and reward their services. We believe in delivering solutions and services


Develop relationships that make a positive difference.


Uphold high standards of integrity in all our actions.


Value our people, encourage their development and reward their services.


Deliver solutions and services.

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